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Lash and brow tinting and reshape – no more panda eyes!

We’re all darn beautiful with mascara or without, but eyelash and eyebrow tinting is becoming a popular choice for all beauty conscious, with many advantages such as the need for less, or no make-up. It’s great for those who participate in vigorous sports and activities, such as swimming, and saves time if you’re always in a hurry. It’s amazing the difference a lash, brow tint and shape can do to enhance the facial features, and it’s not just for the ladies! Men with fair lashes and brows can benefit with a little enhancement too!

This is a straight-forward, quick and painless procedure using vegetable dye to tint your lashes. With a range of colours for you to choose from to enhance your lashes, I will advise on which colour to use for best results. Please note you may not make your eye-lashes lighter than the natural colour.

Important: a patch test is required at least 48 hours prior to treatment. The test involves putting a tiny amount of the mixed dye onto the skin, either on the inside of the elbow or out of sight behind the ear. This is to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the products. If you have had a patch test at another salon you will still need a repeat test with me, as different brands may cause different reactions. Please call to arrange a patch test.

Everybody’s hair is different and will shed at different rates however, as a guideline we normally say around 3-4 weeks.

Benefits of eyelash tinting:

  • Enhance general appearance of eyes
  • Great for people with known sensitivity to make-up
  • Good for sporting activities, especially swimming
  • Good for people with no time to apply make-up daily
  • Will benefit contact lens wearers
  • Good for people with fine eyelashes

Why not treat yourself and have both, eyelashes and eyebrows tinted at the same time. Both tints can seriously improve the appearance of your eyes and face, particularly teamed with a thorough eyebrow shaping.


Full brow reshape £15
Brow wax/trim £10
Brow tint £7.50
Lash tint £15
Lash and brow tint (skin test needed 24 hrs prior to appointment) £18
Lash, brow tint and brow shape £25