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This is a soft subtle shading across and between the lashes to create a natural look of fuller lashes, giving the eyes more definition even without mascara.


  • Brings out eye colour
  • No smudges
  • Natural soft look
  • Great for an older eye where pencils and liners are hard to use
  • Ideal for people with runny eyes or allergies where make up does not last


All prices include skin test, first treatment and top up.
Colour boosts are required 12-18 months to refresh and keep the colour depth and colour boost prices are based on being done at that time, leaving a longer period may require an extra touch up.


A £75 deposit will be taken at a time of booking and without exception will be lost for non-attendance and a second deposit taken to re-book. Due to the time booked out for this treatment a change of booking requires at least 24 hours notice!

Treatment prices

(includes 1st and 2nd session 6 weeks later)

Upper lash line £195
Lower lash line £175
Upper & lower lash line together £295
Colour boosts £125 – £150


Before and after

eyelash enhancement"
eyelash enhancement"