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A I C I C I O I R cosmetic corrector

A treatment with ACCOR (Aesthetic Cosmetic Corrector) uses combination of plasma and NF+ technology that makes the plasma pen unique worldwide.

It is the gentle, non-surgical alternative to skin tightening treatments. The ACCOR NF+ uses plasma and low frequency technology to target lines, wrinkles and loose skin. The NF+ comes from the German abbreviation for low frequency: niederfrequenz.

Without touching the skin, the pen creates an ionised plasma arc that projects onto the surface of the skin. The plasma arc instantly vaporises the targeted point, immediately tightening the surrounding skin. The small points form scabs which drop off after a week or two, to reveal, tighter, smoother skin.

This is especially gentle and low pain procedure which achieves incredible permanent results immediately! Additionally due to continued after the treatment we see further cast improvement.

A major advantage is rapid healing, made possible through the NF+ technology. When treated professionally, by one of our trained specialists and through adherence to the aftercare hygiene requirements, swelling and redness can be kept to a minimum.

The visible and measurable results are smoother skin around eyes and mouth, as well as more even complexion.

This results in an overall fresher younger appearance after only one treatment.

2nd session is 20% off!

Consultations are free, but needed prior to this treatment.


This treatment can be uncomfortable, some areas more so then others, however a topical anaesthetic is applied for up to an hour before treatment to help make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Clients’ pain thresholds vary, but it is carried out so as to make it as good as it can be for each person.

It depends what area is being treated and also how self conscious you are. It also depends what job you do and if you have to deal with people face to face.

There is some swelling after the treatment and especially around the eye area so advice will be given as to how to manage aftercare.

I will provide a full consultation, where a suitability for the treatment will be assessed. Assuming you are suitable, a skin test will be done 2/3 weeks before the treatment is booked. It is important to see how you react to the treatment and that you have an understanding of what to expect.

That depends on the condition to be healed and what you want to achieve.

Usually 2 sessions are needed, but that can be assessed during the consultation.

Plasma is best done before any Botox or fillers so that the skin can be seen in a natural state. Wrinkles need to be seen to be treated. Botox/fillers should be done 3/4 months after plasma.

I have been doing plasma treatments since 2017 with much success, especially the upper and lower eye areas, which seem to respond especially well to this treatment.

Treatment prices


Upper eyelid lift and skin tightening (including crow’s feet and brow lift) £375
Upper eyelid lift only (2nd session) £200
Brow lift £300
Crow’s feet area £195
Under eyes £295
Under eyes (2nd session) £200
Forehead lines £195 – £250 (depending on quantity)
Frown lines (between brows) £150


Upper lid/smokers lines £250
Lower lip (including marionette lines) £300
Upper and lower lip together £475
Lip and chin resurfacing £250
Nasolabial groove £250



Neck lift £475
Double chin area £300
Soft face lift (not incl. eyes) neck, jaw and cheek areas £795
Soft face lift (not incl. eyes) neck, jaw and cheek areas (2nd session) £600

Before and after

plasma skin tightening
plasma skin tightening
plasma skin tightening
plasma skin tightening
plasma skin tightening